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Who We Are

We dedicate our efforts to make progress possible.

We are specialized company in the marketing and distribution of Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Medical products. We are working on providing innovative products and integrated solutions in order to provide a better value for our stakeholder.

IMCO Medical Supply Co. specializes in the Sales, Marketing, and Distribution of derma-cosmetic, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceutical products in the MENA region. We are dedicated in obtaining optimal results and providing the best possible service for our partners and clients by providing innovative products and integrated ideas.

Our Services

IMCO is currently operating in 7 countries with the main office is strategically located in Dubai – the commercial hub of the Middle East. In 2013, IMCO established a subsidiary in state of Kuwait with full distribution center. The subsidiary is established as Pharmaceutical and Medical supply company with license issued by the Ministry of Health, Kuwait in order to register, import, store, and distribute Pharmaceutical Medicine Products, Food Supplement Products license, and Herbal Specialties Products.

Our team consists of dedicated and experienced experts in the fields of Commercialization, Regulatory, Medical Sales Promotion, Marketing, and Logistics. In addition, our team also specializes in the following:

  • Business Planning & market access
  • Sales and promotional activities
  • Regulatory activities
  • Inventory, PA/RA activities
  • Procurement & Distribution activities
  • Storage & Logistics activities

Our Responsibilities

<span>Our</span> Responsibilities

IMCO focuses mainly on the sales and marketing of the products which includes creating partnerships with MENA drugstores and medical professionals, and holding medical and health care exhibitions.

Our Customers

<span>Our</span> Customers

IMCO has communicated with over 1,000 doctors in the Gulf countries with specializations in Dermatology, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Urology, Endocrinology, Plastic Surgery, and Laser Therapy. The doctors prescribe our products to their patients as part of their treatment.

Our Partners

<span>Our</span> Partners

IMCO has partnered with the leading pharmaceutical companies in order to supply the MENA region with tried and tested top-of-the-line derma-cosmetic, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceutical products.

Our Mission

<span>Our</span> Mission

IMCO aims to expand the brands, services, and regional offices globally; to reach medical and healthcare sectors in different parts of the world. This goal is driven by the objective of expanding the number of pharmacies as retail sectors working under the umbrella of IMCO.